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Ep 27 – Building genuine online communities with Shaena Harrison.

“I wish I had had this conversation 6 years ago…” Understanding the value of the connections you make building your communities and how to make the most of them with Shaena Harrison, über connector and LinkedIn maven.

Ep 26 – Stephanie Darvill, ‘The no-plan’ plan.

The merits of having a plan are a-plenty, but what if it’s getting in the way of you seeing the multitude of chances to start afresh, do something new and find a completely new side to yourself?

Ep 25 – Our foreign correspondent

Did you know that Swede’s lived in other countries, too? LOL, yes of course you did. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is another side to being Swede-ish. I’m delighted to welcome Linnea Dunne, author, journalist, columnist and general all-round wordsmith, to the Swede-ish podcast. Originally from Sweden, Linnea now lives in Ireland. In this week’s episode of the podcast we talk about whether or not life is greener on the other side of the fence of Swede-ish-ness, seeing Sweden from an outsider’s perspective, and female migration in general. Head to our weblink to find all the ways to read Linnea’s work and read more.

Ep 24 – Why not me? Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström

“WHY NOT ME?” Internationally renowned photographer and travel writer, entrepreneur, speaker and Ted x contributor Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström has the right idea.

EP 23, How to find a job in Sweden… with Incluso AB

STOP, PAUSE… grab a pen! If you are one of the 21.2% of foreign born people living in Sweden looking for a job, this episode is for you.

We asked our listeners on Instagram to send in their burning questions about job hunting so we could ask an expert, Marianne from Incluso ( staffing and recruitment specialists with a focus on foreign talent). We were inundated with questions!! We tried our best to squeeze every single one of them.

EP 22 Anita Suster – Carry on Doctor…or, don’t.

Going to the doctor is tough at the best of times, but navigating a foreign healthcare system is a mental boxing match. Anita, from Gothenburg, was brave enough to chat to us about her broad experience of the Swedish healthcare system. Including some VERY embarrassing situations at a walk in Akuten and the struggles to get her endometriosis taken seriously.

EP 21, Natasha Webster – Intersectional immigration.

An oldie, but a goodie – revamped, re-edited by Cécile and sounding awesome. This interview was originally recorded in 2018 but is still so so pertinent today. We thought it would be good to bring it back and shine a big bright light on what the purpose of this podcast is… sharing intersectional stories of immigrants. You guys are the super heroes.

Episode 20 – Sam Govender – finding friends abroad and GGI

“It’s pretty scary putting yourself out there…”.

Sam Govender has years of experience setting up events and mixers for international women to make friends, but even she feels the pressure sometimes. Anyone who has attended a meet-up, networking event or social group event has probably felt a tinge of anxiety about walking into a room full of strangers with the weight of expectation on them and about meeting people.

In this episode Sam offers her top tips on how to make friends and influence people abroad.