This week’s guest is an author and social media expert with 8000 followers on LinkedIn and a glittering biography of accolades in her portfolio. Amélie Ebongué is one of the most prominent speakers in digital innovation, the creator economy, community building and the evolution of social networks. In 2017 she helped launch Hypebeast and Forbes media to the French market. In 2018 Amélie was asked by TBWA (Audience) to lead the team developing the latest Huawei P20 Pro smartphone and has worked with leading ad agencies such as Young & Rubicon/WPP. Originally from Cameroon, born and raised in Paris, Amélie moved to Stockholm in 2020 (mid-pandemic) and has just published the book Generation Tik Tok – A new eldorado for brands. Since moving to Sweden Amélie has joined Electronic Arts as Brand Marketing Manager for the Need for Speed global group. But, why did she uproot her life and move to Stockholm? What was it about Sweden that lead her to move her entire life, including her young son, across European borders? How different is life between Paris and Stockholm? We chatted about all of this in 39 minutes on the podcast.

You can follow Amélie’s entry into Swede-ish life via the hashtag #VälkommenAmelie or via her Instagram account @ah_mais_lis.