Thursday 26th March, 18:30 – 21:00, Littlebearabroad Studios, Roslagsgatan 57.

Have you ever ‘booked the look?’ The LBA team have and we’re bringing it to you! The amazing team behind Dashl – the online beauty app that makes booking your hair, nails, and eyebrow technicians as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – are hosting the March MamaMötet event. A night of pampering, a little ‘me-time’ and some treats. Indulge in some bubbles while you get your nails, hair or makeup done and take the chance to ask as many questions as you would like about the latest trends, tips and industry products.

How it works:

You pay for your ticket upfront to book your spot that includes drinks, food and that precious thing, ‘me time’ with other incredible women. On the night, decide whether or not you fancy getting your hair, nails or make up done! Each treatment starts from 100 SEK depending on how much time you go for and what treatment you want. Don’t forget to leave without your goodie bag either, hehe.

Book your event ticket here:

Choose 1 of 3 treatments for the night:

  1. Mini-mani
  2. Mini-make up
  3. Mini-hair

Choose how long you want the treatment, costs from:

  1. 15 mins = 100 SEK
  2. 30 mins = 150 SEK

Pay for your treatment on the night:

Dashl is the creation of two female entrepreneurs looking to revolutionise the beauty industry digitally, making it more accessible to customers in their own homes and even in the work place. Not only is it female founded, but DASHL also supports hundreds of freelance beauticians who are passionate about the industry but need the flexibility often not found in salons or full time positions.

About Dashl

With a focus on sustainability and pleasant working conditions, we currently have over 350 women freelancing through Dashl, where they have the opportunity to work flexibly with a profession they are passionate about, on their own terms and at the same time become financially independent. At the same time, we provide consumers with an opportunity to discover and book verified beauty stylists. They can have beauty treatments delivered to them in the home or office. Dashl also has Beauty Bars where you can drop in for quick beauty treatments. We make beauty treatments available to everyone!
Through the development of skills and the provision of transparent and secure services, we democratize the beauty industry and lower the thresholds for new talent to enter the industry. Through Dashl Beauty Academy, we give all our stylists the opportunity to train, develop and learn new techniques and thus earn more. As a stylist at Dashl, you have the opportunity to develop and raise your fees based on your experience. We shape the workplace of the future through inclusion and equality with the vision to inspire women globally to take control of their careers, become financially independent, increase their skills and work flexibly on their own terms.