Starting out in a new country is tough. We know, we’ve done it, too.


From figuring out where you get your groceries to finding a job, how do you even know where to begin? Well, we’re going to try and help.


Littlebearabroad is a community based organisation that can support you and your family every step of the way. Joining our community can offer you invaluable insight and local knowledge before you’ve even stepped onto Swedish soil. 


Our focus is on international families moving to Stockholm. We understand the importance of the families happiness during a life changing, move abroad. After all, we’ve done it, too. We’ve gone through the culture shock mill, culture clash, PARENTHOOD, total confusion, LOVE FOR THE SWEDES, suspicion of the Swedes. But, we’ve got a total appreciation for how important having a safe space is.


Helping the whole family settle in to their new lives, not just the paperwork bit, is our mission. With the help of a great website, information and signposting, free online communities, events and networks, Littlebearabroad is a support system with a heartbeat and real people to help you. We live in a magnificent country but it takes an insider to be in the know. We’re dedicated to bringing you all of that in the form of words, sound, events, and more.


We’re your personal guide to your new life in Stockholm. We’re here to support you, provide insight and offer a touch of comic relief when things get a bit tough. Our digital doors are open, so pour yourself a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and chuck a fish finger sandwich at the kids. We’re your international parent groupies.

Love, always

Jill and the Littlebearabroad contributors xxx