Our Vision

Littlebearabroad wants to make the expat experience a more family-orientated one in which every member of the family is supported in their transition to a new life in Stockholm. There are massive amounts of resources and assistance out there but how do you know that unless someone tells you where to look? There is a need for a social filter that funnels this information to new, expectant and established foreign families living in Stockholm. So much emphasis is placed on professional or disadvantaged segments of migrants that a huge swathe of transient society falls between the cracks.

Our Mission

Littlebearabroad helps international parents with kids under 5 to feel at home in Stockholm. It’s about creating events, networks and supporting the integration of the whole family, not just the “breadwinner”. The goal of Littlebearabroad is to answer the questions all new families have when they move to Sweden. From questions about entitlement and healthcare, education and childcare to where the best play parks in your local area are. Littlebearabroad will perform two roles 1) a resource for parents about how Sweden works and everything they need to know to feel at home and 2) a database of events, workshops, classes and social ventures for their kids and themselves.

Our Values

We believe in honesty, integrity and most of all building the trust of the people who need the information we want to provide. We believe in being bold, too. We want to give all members of the family the courage to create the life they want to live in Stockholm. It is also very important to us that our readers find the information they are given reliable and comforting.

Littlebearabroad’s job is done when someone feels at home in Stockholm.