Daniel White moved from the UK to Sweden in early 2020, was thrust into the zealous world of a start-up incubator only to have a global pandemic distill down his life to working from his living room and hustling to support the struggling service industry in Stockholm. All in the space of 3-4 months. I had the chance to grab a chat with Daniel, co-Founder of Tappy (the app that sends your friends their favourite beer, bun, coffee or cocktail – in just a Tap) to learn a bit more about the Stockholm start-up incubator scene; what life has really been life for entrepreneurs during the pandemic and his thoughts so far on life in Sweden.  

You can read more about Daniel’s experience in the start up world via his Substack – an honest, funny and reflective diary of life in a start-up incubator during a pandemic.

Tappy.co – Daniel’s app

Antler.co – The early stage VC incubator.

This episode was produced and hosted by Jill Leckie. The episode was curated and edited by Cecile Ratovoherizo.