Welcome back to the Swede-ish podcast!

Allow me a moment for honesty. When I started this season at the beginning of the year I was super excited about getting stuck back into #podlife, opening up the world of life between two cultures and everything swede-ish.

But life happened and sucked a lot of the creative energy I started the year with. Initially, we were hoping to release this season entirely but I’m a believer in putting things out there, no matter how imperfect they are and feeding back off the momentum that a creative release brings.

I really hope you enjoy listening to these incredible people and their take on life between two cultures and their journey of Swede-ish-ness. All I can say is that they are the most inspiring of people. In fact, anyone who has braved the reality of uprooting their lives and moving abroad to start over is truly awesome.

Lots of love


This episode was produced by Jill Leckie and edited Cecile Ratovoherizo.