Did you know that Swede’s lived in other countries, too? LOL, yes of course you did. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is another side to being Swede-ish. I’m delighted to welcome Linnea Dunne, author, journalist, columnist and general all-round wordsmith, to the Swede-ish podcast. Originally from Sweden, Linnea now lives in Ireland and has spent more time living outside of Sweden than in it. In this week’s episode of the podcast we talk about whether or not life is greener on the other side of the fence of Swede-ishness, seeing Sweden from an outsiders perspective, and female migration in general.

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Read Linnea’s latest work in the Irish Independent and in Rogue Collective.

Linnea’s podcast, Bits of Me, a podcast about women’s health is available to download and listen via this link.