Why you should be Visiting
Stockholm in 2018
and bringing the kids...

Vikings, The Archipelago, sea-faring, adventure camping, Euro-Pride, food festivals, music festivals – all the reasons why you should be visiting Stockholm in 2018 with your family.


Ski Season!

The Swedes LOVE a good ski resort and Sweden isn’t short of them. Not suprisingly, most of them are mega-kid friendly. There’s even a ski resort in Stockholm! The most well-known and well-placed ski resort company for families is SkiStar AB. They have resorts in Åre, Sälen, Trysil and Hemsedal, plus Hammarbybacken in Stockholm.


Of course, there are a number of other resorts around Sweden, too. Romme Alpin is probably the closest ski resort to Stockholm, 210 km away. You can get there by car or book a spot on one of their ski busses that regularly goes from Stockholm or Uppsala during the season. Ski School is available at Romme Alpin from 3 years, plus.


Archipelago Adventures

Don’t think twice about going to the Archipelago with kids. Some Swedes are not for promoting the Archipelago for the under 5’s. But, I’m not going to rule out the whole lot. There are some utterly magical places to take the kids that you can do in one day. And, there are other places that you’ll want to spend a few days exploring. The Stockholm Archipelago, at the height of summer, is utterly stunning.


You can see it by boat, using the Stromma.se ferry line. This line covers pretty much the entire Archipelago and offers day trips, dinner cruises, evening cruises and lunchtime trips.


You can check out the islands that Littlebearabroad recommend, here.


We would also thoroughly recommend checking out Svartsö Logi for a luxury/adventure experience in the Archipelago. Their beautifully positioned Teepees are located in the most scenic spots ensuring that you’ll wake up to the most glorious views across the Baltic. Although babies and young children are welcome (they go free), I’d perhaps wait until they were 6+ and able to really enjoy the adventure with you!



Stockholm City breaks

Stockholm is a fantastic city for short breaks. It’s size, general area and population mean that it’s easy to get around and not overcrowded. The city’s 5 major islands can be accessed by boat, bike, public transport and car. At the height of summer, the city is buzzing with open air cafes, outdoor theatre and cultural events, bars and restaurants. And, remember the sun doesn’t set until midnight!


Littlebearabroad’s guide to Stockholm in 24 hours is a handy little number for people with kid’s. Trust me, it’s not just all soft play and parks. There are tonnes of interesting things for parents and kids to experience, together. And, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can tailor your own itinerary using our handy interactive map, My Stockholm, filled with shops, hang-outs, restaurants and hotels, all with families in mind.


If you’re looking for something a bit special from your hotel, we’d recommend the following:



HOBO Hotel

Ett Hem

At Six

Hotel Rival



Europride 2018

2018 sees Stockholm and Gothenburg jointly hosting EUROPRIDE 2018, Europe’s largest Pride gathering. Stockholm last hosted it in 2008 and previously in 1998. This year will be the 25th year of Europride and 20th year in Sweden. There are many events that take place around Pride weekend, most of them outdoors and family friendly.


For all the details in the lead up to the event and to find out how to take part, head to Europride 2018’s website.


Historical Tours

Supposedly, one of the first things tourists ask when they arrive in Stockholm is, “where are all the Vikings?”. I, too, was surprised that to find no mega history centres dedicated to the Swedish Vikings. But, last year, Stockholm finally opened its first Viking centre, called Vikingaliv. Honestly, we weren’t too impressed with it’s contents. The Swedish History Museum has a much better collection.


But, if you really want to get to know the Vikings, there are some superb Viking settlements just outside of Stockholm. These “living museums” offer a real glimpse into what life would have been like, in the 800s. The Viking city of Birka, on the island of Björko, is situated on Lake Mälaren. On the island you can go strolling in the cultural landscape, join a guided tour of the archaeological fields and visit the Birka Museum. You can also visit the reconstructed Viking village with its typical forges and weaving cabins.



If you’d prefer to stay on dry land, you can travel just north of Stockholm to Gunnes gård in Upplands Väsby. Similar to Birka open-air museum but smaller and with a shorter season during the summer. If you head further north along the E4 you’ll hit Gamla Uppsala and the fantastic Viking Museum. Known as one of the last Viking settlements, and one of the biggest in Sweden, Gamla Uppsala has some of the best exhibits and Viking traditions you could imagine.



Design & Style

Scandinavian led design and minimalist aesthetics continue to be on trend in 2018 and the two largest Scandinavian design festivals take place right here in Stockholm.


Stockholm Design Week takes place between 5th – 11th February and was established by the organisers of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The goal of the initiative was to make Stockholm a must-place to be for purchasers, architects, designers and journalists during the week in February each year. Business and deals are done during the day at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, while the evenings are intended for mingling and parties in the city.


Stockholm Fashion Week AW 2018 takes place  21– 23 January 2018 and SS 2019 later in August. Most events are ticketed and accreditation is required. But, can find all the information you need from their website, here.



Summer Festivals

Stockholm in Summer is full of festivals, celebrations and parties. The sun-deprived Swedes bask in the outdoors for as many hours as possible at festivals, sports events and cultural activities. If you’re a culture vulture and want to experience some of the best of summer activities, our top tips:


Parkteatern, outdoor theatre and dance festival that lasts all throughout summer (June – August). 2018 will be Parkteatern’s 76th year. It’s an incredible programme for children and adults. It’s also free, free theatre that is accessible to anyone. Beautiful!


Smak på Stockholm, see’s 350,000 visitors every year in Stockholm and hosts 100’s of new restaurants, chefs, brands and food producers in the centre of Stockholm. It’s an outdoor festival with food trucks, stalls, guest presenters and cooking demonstrations ongoing.  You’re guaranteed a taste of Stockholm.


Stockholm Kulturfest, will take place on 14th – 19th August 2018. This year’s theme is still undecided. Last year, the festivals theme was India. Again, the festival is absolutely free to anyone attending and the locations of the events will take place all over Stockholm.



Swedish Midsommar

Swedish Midsommar is the highlight of the summer festivities. Although some people say that Stockholm is like a zombie town during Midsommar, it’s a great time to see some of the tourist spots. Skansen, in particular, celebrate Midsommar weekend in tradition and history. The best way to get to know Midsommar, however, is to stay with friends in the Archipelago.


The long summer evenings and never ending sun gives the water locked islands an ethereal light. The sunsets over the Baltic are astonishing. For the ultimate guide to Swedish Midsommer you can watch the Dummy’s Guide to Midsommar, by Sweden.se.


Christmas Markets

Scandinavian Christmas markets have become world famous in recent years. It is no different in Stockholm. With every year more and more Christmas markets appear. Whether it be kitsch or traditionally Christmassy each market has it’s own alternative theme.


If you book a winter break in Stockholm, you can’t miss the Christmas markets as part of your trip. There’s something for everyone, traditional, feminist, art and design, food and even Viking!

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