Stockholm’s most recently opened museum, Vikingaliv, was a hotly anticipated thing. Sadly, we’re yet to be impressed by it! We’ve been twice now, still not any better. I hate saying this about exhibitions, institutions and science centres that are so carefully curated but we were disappointed.


The museum is a small warehouse space next to the Vasa Museum. There is an exhibits area and a “story train” that tells the story of a Viking family. The exhibits are mostly wall posters and readings and I wouldn’t say they were particularly kid-friendly. There are some interesting finds and exhibits, i.e. the Viking man that was recreated and some home wares, but other than that, not much.


The best bit about the museum is the restaurant Glöd. You can read more about it in our Eat Djurgården guide.


Top Tip: if you really want to get to know the Vikings, head to Stockholm’s Historiska Museet. It’s a short distance away from Djurgården in Östermalm. Their Viking exhibit is outstanding and you’ll learn more and see more in 10 minutes than you would in an hour at Vikingaliv. Historiska Museet is also free, unlike the Vikingaliv which has tourist prices attached to it.