The museums and science centres that are open* on Thursday include:

*please check timings before arriving to make allowances for holidays/red days etc

Guided tours only:

Stadhuset – Stockholm City’s iconic waterfront municipal building; home of the Gold Hall.


Free museums:

Armémuseum – the museum of wartime and peacetime.

Etnografiskamuseet – the museum of ethnography, what does it mean to be human in this world?

Hallwylska Museet – the home of Count and Countess Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, 18th Century Stockholm elite.

Historiska – the museum has exhibitions from the Stone Age until modern. Their Viking exhibition is closed for renovations until 2020.

Livrustkammaren – the Swedish Royal armoury.

Marabouparken – the chocolate factory turned art gallery in Sundbyberg.

Medelhavsmuseet – experience the culture, aesthetics and traditions of the Mediterranean region.

Moderna Museet – Sweden’s museum of modern art.

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet – Sweden’s museum of natural history.

Sjöhistoriska – the Swedish Maritime Museum.

Östasiatiskamuseet – the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, member of Världkulturmuseerna group.

Nationalmuseum – the Swedish national museum of art – preserving cultural heritage and promote art.

Medeltidsmuseet – Stockholm through the middle ages comes alive.

ArkDes – the Swedish museum of architecture and design.

Riksidrottsmuseet – the Swedish national museum of sport and movement.


Museums with entry-fees:

Sven Harry konstmuseum – the private collection of Sven-Harry Karlsson on Vasaparken.

Bonnier Konsthall – independent and non-profit art institutions.

The Nobel Prize Museum – the centre honouring the values and winners of the Nobel Prize.

Artipelag – the privately owned art, activity and nature centre set within Stockholm’s archipelago.

Millesgården – the sculpture and art garden and gallery in the north of Stockholm.

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde –  the home and collection of Prins Eugen’s art on Djurgården.

Scenkonstmuseet – the Swedish centre devoted to the arts of dance, music and theatre.

Polismuseet – experiences, images and notions of the Swedish police force.

Bergrummet – Tidö Toy Collection – Stockholm’s new museum of toys and comics

Nordiska Museet – discover how the people of the north lived from the 16th Century onwards.

Tekniska Museet – the museum of science and technology in Sweden.

Tom Tits – the 4 storey warehouse of science experiments in Södertälje for big and small.

Skansen – the world’s oldest open-air museum, showcasing the whole of Sweden on one island.

Fotografiska – the international photography centre for Sweden; eat, drink and visit.

Liljevalchs – the art and sculpture gallery on Djurgården.

Fjärilhuset – the butterfly and insect garden, plus aquarium, in Hagaparken.

Vikingaliv – the Viking experience science centre on Djurgården.

Vasamuseet – Stockholm’s most popular museum and home of the grand Vasa Ship.

Junibacken – the play centre and home of Astrid Lindgren’s storybook world.

Abba Museum – the interactive and music marathon museum in homage to Sweden’s most famous exports – ABBA.