Junibacken is the primo destination for all things Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm. There are several other theme parks, museums and tourist destinations that follow the stories of Astrid Lindgren around Sweden but Junibacken is it in Stockholm. It is on the island of Djurgården where most of Stockholm’s best museums and science parks are based (my opinion only).

The ‘theme park’, in its loosest sense of the word, is a giant fun house full of Astrid Lindgren’s characters. But, you will also come across Alfie Atkins, Mama Moo and Brokiga. At present, there is a major exhibition currently bringing to life the characters of Barbro Lindgren – Max, The Wild Baby and Loranga.

Junibacken’s most loved exhibit is the Story Train. It travels through the world of Astrid Lindgren  and finally comes to a stop at Ville Villekulla, home of the strongest girl in the world, Pippi Longstocking. Here you can play, and get to know Pippi’s friends and enemies and her long suffering horse ‘Old Man’.

Junibacken is perfect, any time of the year, for anyone between 1-5+. It will even bring back some brilliant memories for Mum and Dad. It is also a fantastic introduction for small children to a lot of the stories, characters and legacies of Swedish children’s storytelling.

Junibacken is quite pricey but if you know you’re going to be returning it is worth investing in their Annual Membership pass.

Admission fees

Children under 2: free
Children aged 2 – 15: SEK 139
Adults: SEK 159

Annual membership

The annual card is your ticket in during regular opening hours, and it gives you a 15% discount on regularly priced books in our book store.

The annual membership costs SEK 395 for adults and SEK 345 for children. It is personal and allows you an unlimited number of visits for 12 months from the date of purchase.