Halloween IN Stockholm
Höstlov 27th - 5th Nov

Your hand picked guide to Halloween in Stockholm, for the whole family.


1. Halloween at Gröna Lund

It’s Gröna Lund’s BIGGEST celebration of Halloween YET! They’ve been working on it for months. Thrills, chills and spills are guaranteed! This is their last big hurrah before closing for the season and Gröna Lund are going out in style. Having employed around 600 hundred extras to create their super scary show, it’s going to be WILD.




2. Stockholm Ghost Walk

With tours in Gamla Stan and Södermalm in English, the Stockholm Ghost Walk is becoming one of the most popular tours in the city. It gets a 5 out of 5 on tripadvisor.com and will send a shiver down your spin when walking the streets at night. Although not suitable for the kids…it’s a great way to spend a date night and end up in one of the cosy bars in Gamla Stan. You’ll learn about true accounts of murder, hauntings and black death that plagued the city.


The Stockholm Ghost Walk


3. Night at Nordiska Museet

Spend Halloween night at Nordiska Museet!! The doors are closed, the lights are out and only the creaking wooden floorboards will keep you company…or is there something else roaming the halls of the museum?


This is NOT an overnight event, it lasts about 45 minutes and talks in a walk throughout the entire museum. However, there is audience participation, objects are “brought to life” and there is a certain level of interactivity. It is therefore recommended that this is for 6+ in the company of an adult.


You can find out more here Natt på Nordiska


4. Höstlov på Skansen

Höstlov is about the same time as the Swedish All Saints weekend. Allhelgona, many ghosts and scary creatures are up and about at this time, too. To protect yourself you can make amulets and learn how to use protective herbs in the children´s workshop at the Forestry center in Skansen. There´s an exhibition about animals in folklore tales, and the wise old woman in the Bollnäs cottage can help you get rid of warts and unwanted ghouls.


Burn your hot dogs black and sooty over the open fires, buy some horribly nice buns at the bakery and enjoy a scary day at Skansen.


Höstlov in Skansen


5. Dracula at the King's Opera

The much anticipated production of Dracula by Kungliga Opera takes it’s first bite on the 28th October. Followed by a ferocious afterparty at the Kungliga Operahouse!


Although not entirely child friendly, it’s a great idea for a seasonal date night and after theatre drinks!


You can find out more about it here.


6. Light festival Brunsvik-Hagaparken

This beautiful light festival falls on the same day as Allhelgon dag this year and is the perfect way to celebrate it. Singing, candle light and music through Hagaparken. You can be sure to bring in November and prepare for the dark winter months with this gorgeous festival.


Read more about the festival here.


7. Watercolour workshop with Stina Wirsén at Kulturhuset

In collaboration with Marionetteatern, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern is welcoming the extraordinary Swedish illustrator and artist, Stina Wirsén, to host a water colour workshop. Suitable for between 6 year – 12 years this workshop is a one-off and likely to not be repeated.


Find out more about the workshop here.


8.Baby Rave - Sound of Stockholm

OH MY GOODNESS!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS BACK AGAIN! Back by popular demand and just in time, too! Baby Rave, by Sound of Stockholm will be lighting our lives up again.
This fantastic event just gets better and better every year.
Back by popular demand, Babyrave joins Sound of Stockholm and invites the youngest audience to rave into pre-verbal experiences of electronic composition, lights and choreography. The concept comes from a desire to include children in the aesthetic environment of the club, where lights and sounds are interlinked with the social experience of dancing. But in comparison to the banging clubs, all sensations are at a low and child-friendly level.
For this occasion, the raver Armin aka SkyVibes (Swe/Ira) performs a live-set accompanied by electro-acoustic sounds by Lylloop. Scenography by [UBV] Decorations.
All children between the age of 0 and 7 years are welcome, with the company of a grown-up friend.”


Get your tickets here!


9. Shockholm

The classic Halloween Parade is back in town.


Get the details about when, where and how Shockholm does it, here.

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