Saturday 26th October – Sunday 3rd November 2019, 11:00, Skansen, Djurgården.


HÖSTLOV at Skansen is just the ideal place to learn about Swedish All Saints weekend and Allhelgona. So many ghosts and scary creatures are up and about at this time too. To protect yourself you can make amulets and learn how to use protective herbs in the children´s workshop at the Forestry center. There´s an exhibition about animals in folklore tales, and the wise old woman in the Bollnäs cottage can help you get rid of warts and unwanted ghouls.

Burn your hot dogs black and sooty over the open fires, buy some horribly nice buns at the bakery and enjoy a scary day at Skansen.


When: Saturday 26th Oct – Sunday 3rd Nov 2019, 11:00.

Where: Skansen outdoor museum, Djurgården.

Cost: tickets start from 140 SEK.