Ooo this evening is the perfect antidote to the winter blues!! The perfect way to bring in the darkest month of the year. Traditionally, we’ve always thought that November is the darkest month of the year because there are no twinkly lights or Christmas decorations.


Join the Brunnsviken-Hagaparken community for beautiful music, singing and light! You can buy LED-candles for the kids and real candles for the adult. There will be a candle-lit walk around Brunnsviken finishing up at the Copper tents for music and singing.


New this year, you can choose which light procession you would like to join:

  • Brunnsviken’s eastern side, from the University’s subway station to Bergianska Trädgården.
  • Lighthouse for children in the Bergianskagården
  • Haga Norra to Koppartälten


You can find the whole programme and children’s programme, here.


Ljusfest runt Brunnsviken.