Mellandagarna 2019
Stockholm Guide

The presents are open, the julbord has become boring and the kid’s are starting to get ratty. What do you between Christmas and new year? Mellandagarna 2019 (thank heavens, the Swedes have a name for it, at least).


A very Viking Christmas

Ever wondered where Swedes get their Christmas traditions from? Of course, it’s the Vikings. The Viking Museum is hosting a Jullov special between Christmas and new year for small, wannabe Vikings.

Learn all about Jól, the most important of Viking festivities. Find out about midwinter blót, gnomes (eller tomtenisse) and heavy drinking and which of our modern Scandinavian Christmas traditions that have their roots in the Viking age.


Take a trip to the theatre.

There are some brilliant pieces of theatre and dance taking place over the Christmas holidays and right the way through to New Year. Literally, something for everyone. Below, we’ve put together a little list of our top faves coming your way in Dec 2019/20..


Pippi firar jul – Intiman teatern

Igelkotten och Mullvaden – Dockteatern

Tobbe Trollkarl – Återvinn eller Försvinn – Maxim Teatern

The Nutcracker – Operan

Disney on Ice 2020 – Ericsson Globe



Go to a museum.

Holidays are a great time to take the kids to Stockholm’s brilliant museums and science centres. Traditionally, extra activities and workshops are organised to make way for the vast numbers of parents trying to get rid of their kids for an hour or two…



Visit a gingerbread houses.

Arkdes seasonal exhibition of incredible ginger bread houses made by members of the public and, of course, the winner of the annual competition! True feats of baking endurance and engineering.


Be truly inspired for next year’s pepparkak’s adventures!


Ski School

Would you believe it if I told you there was a ski slope in Stockholm? If the snow EVER arrives in Stockholm, and I really hope it does, Hammarbybacken is the place to get your ski on. Owned and operated by Skistar AB who own most of the major ski resorts around Sweden.


You can book courses, passes and get great deals on city breaks through them.


Go for a walk

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy a brisk walk. In fact, taking a walk at this time of year in Stockholm will give you a totally different perspective.


Last year, we put together a collection of walks and rambles in the surrounding country parks within Stockholm Län. As they say in Sweden, ‘det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåligakläder’.


Winter walks in Stockholm


Ice Skating

The outdoor ice rink at Kungsträdgården will be around until at least February 2020. Giving you plenty of time to practice your seasonal ice skills.




Go for a Swim!

Seems a bit odd to suggest this, but there are so many brilliant swimming facilities in Stockholm! The two largest Swimming Centres in Stockholm are Erikdalsbadet and Husby. But, you can find out all the information via the Stockholm Stad website.


And, if not Stockholm, you could head to Uppsala and check out their adventure swim centre Fyrishov. It’s packed with different types of swimming environments, water slides and tropical pools. Plus, there is a calmer pool for smaller children and babies, too.





Watch a movie

TAKE A TRIP TO THE MOVIES!!! It’s AGES since I’ve been to the movies and there is always something a bit more special about the collective experience than just sitting at home on your own sofa.


For all the latest releases, movie news and where to get tickets for your local cinema, head to


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