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5 minute read: In an effort to make the most of the mild autumnal weather, get out and about with Littlebearabroad’s top 10 family day trips around Stockholm this autumn.

In an effort to make the most of the mild weather, get out and about with Littlebearabroad’s top 10 family day trips around Stockholm this Summer. Explore your new surroundings!


Tyresta National park

Only 20 kilometres from the centre of Stockholm lies one of the most unspoilt areas of natural beauty in central Sweden – Tyresta National Park and nature reserve. The area is characterised by a rift valley landscape which is typical for central Sweden but unique in an international perspective.


The park’s information centre, Naturum, is situated in Tyresta village. Here you can learn more about the 8,000 species of bird and animal that call Tyresta home and join a guided tour. Be sure to check out the park’s regulations and by-laws before setting off on your own. Sweden does encourage allamansrätt, but to preserve pathways and trails some regulations have been put in place.


Children can enjoy pony riding and a variety of other autumnal and winter activities from Sept – December.


You can get to Tyresta by bus, tunnelbana or train.



Only 15 minutes from downtown Södermalm, Hellasgården is very popular with Stockholmers all year round. It calls itself an outdoor activity centre, and in the middle of the Nacka nature reserve, it is surrounded by the most beautiful archipelago landscape. As autumn begins, the colours and fragrances of nature shift and change producing the most spectacular show.


Hellasgården isn’t just a nature walk, there are saunas, ice skating, skiing, jogging paths, cycle paths, minigolf. swimming, outdoor gyms, mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing and it is one of the best places in Stockholm to go sledging.


You can get there by car, bus, bicycle or by foot!



This stunning UNESCO World Heritage site is open all year around, throughout all seasons and is beautiful example of architecture, nature and light being woven together. Skogskyrkogården translates to forest church-yard. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind on a family day trip but it’s a stunning and moving environment, Particularly at this time of year and throughout Allahelgonahelg.


The cemetary took several decades to build, but it was the vision of Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz that inspired the final design. Unfortunately, three months after the crematorium and three chapels were built, Asplund passed away. He is buried in the cemetary. In 1994, Skogskyrkogården became a UNESCO World Heritage site meaning that the site and it’s buildings will be preserved for generations to come.


You can get there by bus, car, tunnelbana.


East Järvafältet reserve

Nestled on the edge of Hansta, Järfalla and Sollentuna municipalities lies East Järvafältet nature reserve. Home to working farms, deep forests, Bronze Age relic sites and animal sanctuaries. Two thousand hectares of land make up the nature reserve which is situated 30-40 minutes north of Stockholm.


There is an active events guide that takes place throughout the autumn with events happening every weekend.



Grimsta nature reserve

Grimsta nature reserve is accessible on foot via the nearby neighbourhoods Hässelby and Vällingby. It’s one of the many large green spaces deemed nature reserves in Stockholm city.


You can also find a piece of history burrowed at the heart of the nature reserve. Ljunglöfska slottet, built in the 1800s by Knut Ljunglöf, heir to a snus fortune, and his family. Hässelby slott is also located on the edge of the nature reserve. Built in the 1600s by Carl Bonde Hässelby. There is plenty to wonder and discover about Grimsta, including beaches, swimming spots and lakeside cafes.



Alby Friluftsgård

Alby Friluftsgård is the center for outdoor recreation in Tyresö municipality. It offers swimming, barbecue areas, walking paths, jogging trails and large grassy areas for different activities.

The friluftsgård is located in the middle of a nature reserve with valuable natural and cultural grounds. Nearby are Uddby farm and Ahlstrom Torp cottage.


Riddersholm nature preserve

Far out, on Rådmansö, the Riddersholm nature preserve is a beautiful touch of the Stockholm archipelago all year round. The most enticing thing about this place is how easy it is to get to. You can arrive by boat, bus, car or bike and spend the day. Or, stay the night on the island’s youth hostel or camping ground.


The perfect combination of countryside living and seaside life.


Fjällnora friluftsområde (Uppsala)

This little hidden gem, just outside of Uppsala, is a lakeside dream.  Fjällnorra Friluftsområde is a full days activities can be spent here and throughout the year, too. With activities for every age, ability it is a favourite amongst locals and visitors to the region. Forest play parks, water sports, tree houses and rope courses are just a few of the things you can do.


It isn’t as easy to get to as some of the other places mentioned, a car is a must.  But, worth the trip once you’ve arrived. There is a small cafe/måltids spot and you can bring your own, too.


Sätraskogens nature reserve

Right on the edge of the ancient Mälaren stands Sätraskogen. It goes for miles and is home to thousands of species of animal and birds, even moose, apparently.


In the last 5 years it’s had a massive facelift, new play parks, grillplats, beachfront furniture and forest trails. There are games and play trails for the kids and breathtaking scenery over Lake Mälaren for those instagram-hungry parents.


And, it’s the easiest to get to by far. You can travel by foot, by car, by tunnelbana and by bike.

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