Finally in Stockholm, we’re coasting towards the end of winter and the dreaded “vabruari“, which we can just see far enough at the moment, into Spring!

Between week 7-10 of the year, a week long holiday takes place in Sweden called ‘Sportlov’ or sport break. It’s an opportunity to brush off the cobwebs of winter, illness and the grey mush of the city and head out to the slopes, the country or, if you are lucky, sunnier climes. Most families take staycations in Sweden heading to the north and the Swedish ski resorts Åre, Idre Fjäll, Branäs, and Vemdalen. A lot of families take advantage of the time together by visiting City sites in Stockholm, did you know that the majority of museums and science centres in Stockholm now boast free entry?

Historically, Sportlov was introduced during the coke rationing in World War II (coke as in the fossil fuel by-product, not the opiate or soft drink!). Nowadays, it’s encouraged as an opportunity to exercise through winter sport.

In the next couple of days I will be posting more ideas of what to do and where to go throughout next week.