This month has honestly put me off having other children…I can’t stand it anymore. I’m moving to Antigue next February to avoid all this VAB crap. 

Today is day #10 of illness in our house and I’m freaking out that this is it, we’re going to be in a spiral of sickness for the rest of our lives. 

I’ll be the first to admit I suffered from a somewhat anxious nature about germs and bugs, PRE-BABY, but now I am back to square 1. It’s the vomiting that really gets to me and I just don’t think I can bring myself to deal with that when there is more than one child in the family!?

It’s selfish, uncaring, even damaging (some might say) for Littlebear but, hey, I’m an only child and I turned out ok? And, whose place is it to comment on my choices about child rearing. As ever, I am pro-Mum, as long as you, as an individual, do what is right for your family whether it is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, having a million kids, or just having one, there ain’t no judgey-wudgey here. 

Now, I must return to my sickbed with ice-chips and paracetamol.