Kid-friendly cafÉS
In Stockholm

What does “kid-friendly” mean to you? Well, to us it means plenty of room for the buggy, changing tables, baby chairs (and if you’re really lucky, a kiddy play pen). Believe it or not, those are difficult to find, even in family-friendly Stockholm.



If you follow Littlebearabroad even a bit, you’ll know that we’re a little bit in love with Rosendal’s Trädgård. What’s more, their café and buns are to die for. Happily, come February, Rosendals will be back open for business daily (apart from Mondays) between 11:00 – 16:00.


From our point of view, they tick all the “kid-friendly” boxes. Tonnes of room for the buggy, changing facilities AND a whole garden to play in. Their baby stools are few and far between BUT they do have some.


Spring in bloom at Rosendal’s is one of my favourite yearly activities…it papers up the cracks left behind from winter and the dull, grey.




Mr Cake - by Roy Fares and Mattias Ljunberg

The Americana (read: just over sized everything) style bakery, Mr Cake,  has proven to be a massive hit in central Stockholm. Taking the Swede’s traditional Fika to the next level and supersized it. Famous for their Semla Cronut and Red Velvet Croissants, they pretty  much take any bog standard tray bake and turn it into a mind-boggling baked good.


We love Mr Cake, having spent many an afternoon enjoying a slow fika. Week days are good but weekends and peak times can be hugely hectic. They do offer buggy space and there are changing facilities, high chairs and plenty of ‘normal food’, too.


Situated on the corner of Rådmansgatan 12A, the best way to get there is to walk from Stadion Tunnelbana Station.



It’s Pleat is a new café concept developed by H&M Group. The concept wants to inspire and make it possible for people to make healthier choices, with a non-dictative mindset. It’s Pleat call it “a healthy-ish approach to life.”


It’s accessible for buggies and wheel chairs. There are changing facilities and a disabled toilet. The coffee is good and there really are healthy options and not so healthy option. However, it is a bit pricy. Particularly their deconstructed salad bowls! But, it has some character and soul. Better than a franchise coffee shop.



Once you’ve actually found Färgfabriken, it’s absolutely worth the 5 or 10 minutes of blank looks and “where the hell is this place?”


Tucked behind Liljeholmen and hidden on the inside of an old paintworks is one of the trendiest cafes in Stockholm. Färgfabriken Kafe is a minimalist, trendy space coupled with good food, great coffee and plenty of space for buggies and babies.


It can get busy at lunch time so mid morning or mid afternoon are your best timings.



Personally, I think this is a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle of touristy Gamla Stan. It stands in plain sight and yet every time I mention it to someone, they’ve never heard of it. Operated by Stockholm Stadsmission, Grillska Huset is located in Stortorget directly opposite the Nobel Museum. It serves 2 course lunch, fika, soups, afternoon tea and as much coffee as you can swallow.


What’s more, it’s set in the grounds of an old town house and the ground floor of the building is given over to accessible cafe space for buggies, strollers and wheelchair users.





This cafe reminds me of the old fashioned tea-rooms in Glasgow. Vete-katten‘s early 20th century inspired decor and brass finishings are distinctive to this Stockholm institution. It is filled with the smell of cardamom, spices and sugar. The glass cabinets are stuffed with cream filled treats and freshly baked breads.


Founded in 1928 it has been managed and run, mostly by women, until it was sold to Johan Sandelin in 2012. It makes this list for it’s easy to access ground floor cafe, generous buggy space and delicious fika.





The vegan and raw food restaurant, located in Åhléns, Sally Voltaire, is another one of Littlebearabroad’s favourites. Don’t you love having comfortable, spacious cafes right in the centre of town? Sally Voltaire’s is light, airy and easy to get to (the lifts in Åhlén’s City are never ideal, but you can’t have it all, eh?)


The daily salad menus and raw food bowls are DELICIOUS and can be made baby friendly, really easily. They also sell Alex & Phil pouches and måltid sachets.


There are changing facilities next door to the cafe and loads of room for your buggy and your stroller. Personally, what I like about this space the most is the variety in seating arrangements.



The larger of the two Greasy Spoon cafes in Odenplan is the perfect brunch spot with kids. Especially if you hit brunch-time around midweek. The weekend is a nightmare and you’ll be lucky if you don’t have to queue for a table.


I LOVE the brunch menu, in fact, brunch is probably my favourite type of food. In particular, bacon and pancakes…the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. Makes my mouth water every time. The staff are sweet, too!





The Americana-vintage inspired cafe and it’s freak-shakes are bringing all the boys to the yard! Big hair, big skirts and sweet waffles are on the menu. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time with Danny and Sandy. Älskade Traditioner overflows with cookies, donuts, tray-bakes and cupcakes.


With regards to practicality, this one doesn’t sit at the top of the list but it’s fun and a breath of fresh air. You’ll also never get a donut infused milk-shake anywhere else in Stockholm.



The cafe at Winterviken is like one long broad table. Lunches are simple, but good and it doesn’t matter how noisy your kids are, there will be noisier ones there. Winterviken is the perfect fika stop after a pleasant walk along through Aspuddparken and along the Mälaren.


At the weekend, it gets very busy, but the perks are organised play brought to you by Barnflickan. Kids can be kept occupied whilst the adults can enjoy a coffee and cake in peace.

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