On the 2nd floor of Åhléns City in the centre of Stockholm is a hidden gem of a restaurant called Sally Voltaire & Systrar. It’s a modern eatery with a focus on vegetarian and raw foods with tonnes of space for buggies, prams, walking toddlers and high chairs. It’s also located right next to the toilets in Åhléns, not in a bad way, just handy!

At the heart of the restaurant is the most incredible curated kitchen store. It’s full of sustainably sourced, ecological and green kitchen wear. You know, the sort of place that is impeccably merchandised and makes you want EVERYTHING.

The food is fantastic, but it’s best to avoid between 11am-1pm. It gets incredibly busy and totally unsuitable for littles but its perfect ‘off-peak’. Fresh, green food and excellent facilities for you and kids.