Sportlov highlights 2020

LBA’s 2020 sportlov highlights in Stockholm… don’t miss out.


Free museum and science centre sportlov programmes

Throughout week 8 and week 9 in Stockholm and surrounding kommun’s science centres and museums will be offering some terrific sportlov programmes – most of them free.


Take advantage of the additional programmed events, viewings, tours, shows and activities designed with kids in mind at some of Sweden’s most visited tourist attractions. You can find a list of them in Littlebearabroad’s daily calendar, one for every day of the week.


Prova På - Story Yoga at Littlebearabroad Studios

In collaboration with fröyogis, welcome to Littlebearabroad Community Studios for a morning of playful and imaginative yoga. Story Yoga is a fantastic way for kids aged between 3-6 years to engage in early years yoga, mindfulness and expressive play. Try it out over sportlov for only 70 SEK.

“Sår frön för livet” / “Sowing seeds for life” is at the core of Gayathri Lindvall’s fröyogis concept – planting tidbits of wisdom in children through play, mindfulness and storytelling. Her popup kids and family yoga sessions aim to increase your child’s wellbeing and enhance your parent-child relationship.


Etnografiska Karneval

Throughout Sportlov, it is the carnival theme of Ethnographic. Our family tours are about carnival traditions in New Orleans, Rio, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In our workshop, kids can make carnival hats, masks, jewellery and decorations in colourful materials.

When: Sat 22nd Feb – Sun 1st March, 11-16


Where: Etnografiska Museet, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Stockholm


Cost: Free


Little archeological school

Get close to history and explore gadgets from ancient times!

How heavy is a stone-age ax, and how does a thousand-year-old sheep bone feel? In the museum’s archaeology school, we investigate and research real objects from the museum’s collections. Recommended from six years and up. Each session lasts 45 minutes and booking is available.

When: 22nd Feb – 1st March, from 11:15 daily


Where: Historiska Museet, Narvavägen 13-17, Stockholm.


Cost: FREE


Circus skills @ Messingen

No previous experience required and you don’t have to be a run away either! Circus skills are fast becoming a popular and fun way to train for young kids. This course is no exception.


Nycirkus @ Messingen promises a taste of the circus life with juggling, high-wire, acrobatics and clowning all rolled in to one. For more details head to their Facebook page and find out more.


Code Runner at Tekniska Museet

Expect full speed and lots of fun during the winter holiday of Technology. Tekniska have loaded with space shows, TikTok workshops, experimental shows, and labs. On February 19, Beppe Singer comes and experiments and in addition we have got new, fun sports games in Play Beyond Play.

When: Mon 17th Feb – Sun 1st March, 10:00 – 17:00


Where: Tekniska Museet, Museivägen 7, Norra Djurgården.


Cost: from 7 years, 150 SEK.



The kid’s theatre scene in Stockholm is STRONG GAME and there are several brilliant production houses dedicated to kids and preteens.


Check out Stockholm Stadsteatern’s sportlovs program and some of their collaborators below:


Skärholmen Stadsteatern – konststudion


Dockteaterntittut – Petras Prick


Intiman – Annie


Folkoperan – Coraline



Sportlov at ARTIPELAG

At Artipelag there is plenty of activities for  younger audiences as well as child adapted facilities. Afterall, it was started by the founder of Baby Björn, Björn Jakobson.

Painting workshop

Follow the steps of this year’s recipient of the Fredrik Roos Art Grant of 2020, Siri Elfhag, and let yourself be inspired by mystical and enigmatic stories flowing between dream and reality.


Meeting point outside the Studio, one floor down from the entrance hall. The workshop is free and starts at 11.30 am.  Maximum number 10 children, from 7 years onwards. No pre-registration required and first come first served applies. One adult needs to be present together with the child during the introduction.


The workshop is conducted every day during the winter break – Monday February 24th until Sunday March 1st.




You probably want some place to take the kids for the WHOLE DAY… well, we can’t recommend Tom Tits Experiments enough. It really will take you THE WHOLE DAY to enjoy every single exhibit, experiment, show and outdoor activity. And, don’t skip out on their delicious lunches (reasonably priced, too).


With four floors and an open park chocked full of different kinds of experiments and science games, how could you not be tempted to fall in love with science and technology.




Out and about, around Stockholm

Weather is looking good for sportlov in Stockholm 2020. A bit chilly but nothing an extra jumper won’t fix. Why not hit up some of the beautiful national parks and nature reserves around Stockholm to take in those first few glimpses of spring. Blow the winter cobwebs away and get some fresh air.


Use Littlebearabroad’s top 10 list of family day trips to find some of our recommendations for outdoor adventures. You don’t even need a car to get to most of them. Public transport all the way!

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