Defining your own success
Da Appy Place, St Eriksgatan 97

Grab your ticket for the next MamaMötet event in May 2018. How do you define your OWN success.

THURS, May 17th at 19:00, Da Appy Place – St Eriksgatan 97.


What is your definition of success? Whether it’s for your business as a whole, or a new project you’re taking on, a personal challenge or a new period in your life. Are your definitions free of influence from others?


Our next MamaMötet evening will be an interactive workshops style session in which you’ll walk away with a clearer, freer concept of success in accordance with your own goals.


Early bird tickets 80sek available.


Your hosts for the evening:


Jill Leckie, founder and editor of and Project Lead of the International Parent Integration Project Stockholm.


Elly Waller, owner, designer and MD of Dear to Me Studios, and creative stylist.



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