Pediatric care in Sweden is managed by the Barnvårdcentral (BVC). The BVC clinic is usually associated with a local Vårdcentral (general health clinic). The BVC is staffed by experienced district nurses, doctors, nurses, nurses assistants who are all specialists in the field of children’s healthcare.

Here is a “how to find your local BVC link”.

Children are seen regularly at the BVC for check ups until they are 6 years old. During this period they will be enrolled in the national vaccination programme and their weight, height, and other growth indicators monitored. They will also offer assistance on nutrition, breastfeeding and they have access to psychologists.

In my experience, the BVC is not the place to take your child if they are in need of acute medical attention. Barnakuten or Children’s A&E (Emergency Room) is a much better equipped place to deal with emergencies and acute medical requirements.

Vårdcentral is also available via online and by telephone. is a fantastic resource for information about illnesses, symptoms, treatments and what to do if you need more help. You can also call them on 1177 and you’ll be put through to an experienced nurse who can counsel you on what to do next if you or your family are ill.

Here is a “how to find your local Barnakuten clinic”.