It’s absolutely true what they say, when a child is choking they make no noise at all…and all they do is look at you, desperation in their water-filled eyes while they silently gasp for air.

Gagging is not choking, coughing is not choking, spitting up is not choking!

Right now I am thanking our lucky stars that both M and I knew what to do only because we’d seen a couple of youtube videos and some hand-outs from our BVC. It got me thinking though, what is the advice in Sweden on infant and child first aid, and where do you go if you need help?

The ‘go to’ place for health advice and information is the vårdguiden website or call 1177. It lists information in 3 separate areas ‘everything about sickness and health – Facts ‘, ‘finding a clinic’ and ‘E-Tjänst’ where you can order prescriptions or book appts at your local clinics. They have information on every possible illness, disease, sickness, bug, virus you could imagine and what to do about them. But the information offered in English is sparse…Engelska 1177 Vårdguiden. They do have some really useful information in English about child safety and child proofing in the home

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