5 Extracurricular activities for Kids in Stockholm

Getting into a groove with school and work schedules also means scheduling around extracurricular activities for the kids (and parents too!). As if finding the information about school and supplies needed isn’t mind boggling enough in a new country, it’s a full time job trying to find extra activities for our kids to keep them engaged and fulfilled outside of school.

To help, we’ve put together a list of top 5 extracurricular activities for kids ages 2 years and up in Stockholm. These are the activities and businesses we’ve found to be easily accessible for us new to life in Sweden and the Swedish language. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what is available, nor are we saying all are right for everyone. We still hope that the below list gives you the inspiration and starting point needed for your families hobbies!


Ballet International

A beautiful dance studio, newly located in Hornstull, is run by former Prima Ballerina and teacher Gina Tse. The school offers a breadth of ballet classes for all ages and is taught in English. It’s popular though, so get on the waitlist for the next available season stat!



In Stockholm Län alone, there are ten 4H farms (gårdar). Uppsala Län has 4 farms and there are many others throughout Sweden.  The farms themselves are free to visit. Activity programs you can sign-up for include animal husbandry and pony/horse riding.

Depending upon the farm, you can participate in activities from 2 years on. Be sure to check out the specific farm closest to you for activities and age requirements. In order to participate in the activities you must pay the local 4H farm/club as well as sign up for a 4H membership.


Local kommun swim hall swimming lessons

Stockholm and the surrounding Kommun’s offer a list of swim halls (simhall) that offer private and group children’s swim lessons. There are various pools and swim lesson levels based upon age and swimming confidence. Lessons are priced per seasonal session depending upon the simhall. It’s most likely too late for fall lessons as those book up before summer, but be sure to take a look for winter and make use of family free-swim days at your local pool. It’s generally a nominal fee and warm water!


Perhaps just getting to know about the best indoor swimming pools in Stockholm is enough.



Disclaimer: We don’t have personal experience with this service yet, but we are very excited by the concept and can’t wait to try it out. This is definitely an activity service for grade school aged kids (your child must have started Förskolaklass at a minimum).

It functions more like a tutoring/babysitting type service with a twist. Music lessons, sports, school subjects, programming, art, the list goes on depending on the available “leader” (aka tutor). While individual lessons are available, the concept of Friendtivity is that the activity is more affordable and fun for the kids and families if done with a small group. Pricing per hour decreases with each child added up to 4 kids.


Be Sporty

BeSporty is a fun and easy way to introduce young kids to dance, gymnastics, a variety of sports, or football. Sign up your child for the course in the area of interest and then it happens once a week for a fall, winter or spring termin. Included in the course price is sporting equipment relevant to the type of course booked.


There are courses available all over Stockholm county. For us, it was definitely worth the investment to test out the sports our daughter preferred, before committing to a specific sport and buying all the equipment. Language is in Swedish, but you’ll find the kids follow along with the leaders and sort of do their own thing no matter what.

Note: We are aware that putting kids in extra activities can be rough on the bank balance with course costs and the equipment needed. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over that and encourage you to seek out financial scholarships if available. 

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