kid-friendly indoor swimming pools
in Stockholm

Take a dip into our guide of the most family friendly indoor swimming pools in Stockholm.


1. Eriksdalsbadet

Located on Södermalm, The National Swimming Arena of Sweden, Erikdalsbadet, is 27,500 square meters and combines indoor, outdoor swimming and adventure baths. The ädventyrsbad is great for young and old but it’s the outdoor swimming area that is really something.

Open from Monday 20th May – 26th August, the outdoor swimming pool has splash pools, saunas, beach volley ball, table-tennis, giant checkers and chess, and communal grills.
Erikdalsbadet is seen as the creme de la creme of Kommun swimming halls. But, there are a lot of other great private swimming pools, too. Remember to bring your own padlock and keys.
Thanks to Anthonia for recommending this to us via Instagram!


2. Vilundabadet Upplands Väsby

Operated by Medley Holding AB, Vilundabadet in Upplands Väsby is a privately operated pool, but anyone can visit.


The adventure bath is enormous and has various “levels” all for suitable ages, water-slides and mini-slides. You can enjoy the bubble pool with littles and the water temperature nevers goes lower than 32 degrees.



The Värmdö äventyrsbad, Gustavsbergbadet, is a little bit outside of the Stockholm boundary but it makes up for it in water fun!


The adventure bath consists of a large swimming pool and two slides, a power channel outside and a hot tub. The pool of the adventure pool is 1.20 meters deep and becomes firmer the closer to the basin you come, giving the feeling of walking in from a beach.


A swimming pool for children under 3 years of childbearing is adjacent to the waterpark. This basin is approximately 0.10 to 0.45 meter deep.


Huddinge simhall

Huddinge Kommun’s simhall is a diamond in the rough. There is a pool with water slide (27 degrees), a whirlpool (37 degrees), a jumping pool with a trampoline (1 meter and 27 degrees) AND a jungle country for children 0-8 years (31 degrees).


The only drawback to this amazing äventyrsbad is that it seems almost impossible to get to if you have kids and no car. Public transport to that part of Stockholm is less than ideal, unless you commit entirely and take the commuter train. Still, it’s worthy of a trip out there, especially if more than one of you are going with a couple of kids.


Bring your own padlock and keys with you.



Husbybadet is a real äventyrsbadet, but there is also space for very small kids.


In the water park there are about 29 degrees in the water. The adventure bath offers two water slides, wild boar, piste, cave stream and children’s pool. Those who want to get a bit calmer can relax in the whirlpool or steam room. The pool depth is 0-1.4 meters


It’s Kommun operated and anyone can attend. But, remember to bring your own padlock and key just in case. If not, a 10sek will get you by.



Despite appearing low-key, this little swimming spot is ideal for very small babies and over anxious parents.  Åkeshovsbadet is easy to use. It’s a basic swimming pool with a cosy splash pool and cute characters.


There are all the amenities you would need including changing area, toilets, buggy parking and feeding areas. Do bring your own padlock and keys just in case.


Färsta Simhall

The swimming pool at Färsta has a whirlpool, a teaching pool, a sauna and an aqua park for small swimmers. There is also a course for fast swimming.


The pool is operated by Stockholm Kommun which means anyone can use it. They have other amenities including changing areas, feeding areas and buggy parking. It is recommended that you bring your own padlock for the changing rooms.

Thanks to Anna-Lena for recommending this to us via Instagram!


Vattenhuset - Älvsjö

If you are really committed to taking swimming with the kids even further, Littlebearabroad recommends Vattenhuset. They offer supervised swim and water training from 3 months old up to 15 years and then offer an adult swim school, too.


We are three years into our swimming adventure with Vattenhuset and we couldn’t recommend it enough. They have multiple pools across Stockholm City and Stockholm Läns. The courses they offer take place mid-week and over the weekend. Being able to build your child’s trust in the water, in a risk free environment, whilst also learning about water safety is invaluable. And, Vattenhuset does it beautifully.


Sundbyberg Simhall

The splash pond and the water activity area at Sundbybergs pool is very cute. It’s quite simple but beautifully kept. At it’s deepest point the kids pool is 40 cm deep and a constant temperature of 28.5 degrees. There is an even smaller pool for very small babies that holds 3 cubic meters of water.


Of course, there is a larger swimming area for bigger children and adults that often has swim floaties and water assault courses. The swimming pool is operted by Sundbyberg Stad.


Fyrishovs Badhuset

Slightly outside of the Stockholm Läns, Fyrishov water park, one of the largest in Sweden, has paddling pools for toddlers and hair-raising water slides for the brave-hearted.


In a tropical setting with a poolside café, there are heated jacuzzis, water toys, jet streams, water canons, waterfalls and water slides of varying lengths. And best of all – you can spend as much time as you like in the water.


There is also an Olympic-size swimming pool (50 x 25m) with a jump tower with levels up to 10 m, and a spring board. There is also a 25m long depth adjustable teaching pool for non-swimmers (children and parents alike).

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