1. DON’T PANIC about learning Swedish. You’ll get on absolutely fine without it whilst you are finding your feet and settling in. In my experience, I learnt more Swedish once I felt at home than I did in the initial few months after moving. But, if you really want to know more about learning Swedish (for free) here are a few links and apps you can download. Swedish For ImmigrantsDuolingoSvenska Akademiens Ordlista
  2. Apply for permanent residency – if you are thinking about living their for more than a few years. Permanent residency is saught through an agency called Migrationskervet and they deal with every new person arriving into the country that isn’t already a Swedish citizen. It can be pretty confusing reading their translated website but Littlebearabroad has put together a “how to” guide to applying for permanent residency. Here is also a list of important papers to bring with you from your home country when you are moving to Sweden.
  3. Find a place to live, obviously. But, if you don’t have the wonders of a relocation agency or relocation package via a job, how do you know where to start?
  4. Find out as much as possible about how Sweden works, for example:


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