At Playgroup last week one of the international Dad’s asked the question..’what the hell is välling? It’s like some Swedish institution…’ and it is!!!


Chances are if you have a small child or infant growing up in Sweden you’ve heard of välling and all its wondrous properties.

Anytime you go to the BVC (Barnvård central) or speak to any Swedish native about your infant the topic of välling will come up. What type you use, when you use it and how much they have?

Välling shouldn’t be confused with formula milk…it has a syrupy consistency and based on oats (havre) and/or corn (majs) and is waaaay thicker. The premise being that it sits in the child’s stomach for longer helping them sleep through the night or as morning drink on cold days. It’s heated but unlike formula not for hygiene reasons just for taste (it still tastes rank). I guess you could equate it to Ovaltine or some other malt drink for adults. **DISCLAIMER…there are literally DOZENS of brands of välling, this was just in my cupboard**

There are a couple of things to know before hitching your wagon to the välling ride…be careful about age and thickness of the välling. Its recommended for infants 6m+ and the packet will be marked age appropriate. Lactose free and Gluten free is available too.

I am yet to discover the wondrous properties of välling that the BVC nurse promised…LB still doesn’t sleep through the night or enjoy it as a morning drink. But Swedes swear by it and you’ll find Children up to 8 years old still drinking it before bed whilst enjoying a bedtime story.