Arbetsförmedlingen is the Swedish Public Employment Agency. It is tasked by the Government and Parliament to match up job-seekers with employers. It also collaborates with Försäkringskassan in providing monetary assistance to job-seekers in certain circumstances.

You might find yourself at Arbetsförmedlingen if you have newly arrived to the country and are seeking assistance with looking for work i.e. a job-seekers allowance. Or, if you arrive in Sweden and are pregnant and no longer working you will have to attend Arbetsförmedlingen as a job-seeker before being eligible for föräldrapenning.

Out of the four main social public agencies in Sweden, Arbetsförmedlingen is the most accessible. Each centrum in Stockholm has an Arbetsförmedlingen centre with plenty of staff on hand to help in different languages.  The agency’s website is also translated into many different languages. Below are a handful of useful links from the Arbetsförmedlingen website.

How to book an appointment with Arbetsförmedlingen

Seeking help when starting a business in Sweden

Self-assessment assistance when starting to look for a job