The restaurant chain Vapiano is a parent’s dream! In my opinion, anyway. Vapianos in Gamla Stan is our “go-to” if we get caught short and need a bite to eat when we’re in the City. It may not be flash, or seen to be trendy, hipster or imaginative but who has time to be that when they have a screaming toddler on their hands?!


Vapiano does great Italian-style food, there are plenty of kids choices, they have buggy parking and changing facilities. They’ve even gone out of their way to produce their own high-chairs which fit the different heights of their tables.


Their pasta starts from 85sek and their pizza starts from 79sek. In Swedish terms, pretty good value for money.


The only drawback about Vapiano is that you need to order at their food-bar. If you are on your own, that might mean leaving your kid at the table OR, at the risk of not getting a “kid friendly” table (i.e. space for all your stuff, plus the kid), ordering first. Vapiano…every thought about creating small kid friendly areas of the restaurant?


For more information and to find your local restaurant check out Vapiano’s website.