Urban Deli – Sickla, Nytorget and Sveavägen.

I am in LOVE with Urban Deli. I’ve been to Nytorget and Sveavägen branches but haven’t made it to the Sickla restaurant.

The thing I love about it is how easy going it feels. It’s a restaurant and food market which gives the sense that it’s like an upmarket food court. But, the food is actually good! Plus, it feels like the kind of place that has a wicked sense of humour. One that doesn’t take itself so seriously. You’re certainly not going to get gawked at if your kid has a hissy fit.

They have a brilliant kids menu, changing facilities and great baby chairs (i.e. not your typical, grotty Ikea jobs).

For more information check out their website at Urbandeli.org