If someone had said to me 2 years ago I would be living in Sweden, Mamma to a 7 week old little girl and searching for a new way of life, I think I would have run in the other direction. Honestly, how did this happen?

Of course, this was planned, sort of. Well, the ‘moving-to-Sweden-and-sort-of-thinking-about-starting-a-family’ bit was planned, the ‘omg-I’m-pregnant-already’ wasn’t. Honest, we started thinking about it in July and 2 weeks into August I was reaching for the saltine crackers on the commute to work…

I’m not going to lie and say that i’m blissfully happy with how my life is right now. That’s not what this blog is about but I am determined to make the most of it knowing that if I didn’t I’d lose my mind.

Couple of things you need to know…

– I know nothing about parenting, bringing up children or, in fact, children at all.

– I know nothing about writing blogs, or writing… wow

– I desperately want to know how to make the next 18 years bearable…with a smile too.

This blog is going to be a culmination of personal experiences, learnings and hindsight as well as useful information for new mums in Sweden who have moved from English speaking countries and are looking for some ideas of what to do with little ones and without little ones, just so you know, I still don’t know what’s out there for us either….