This is me, Diana
in the South of Sweden

Hi, I am Diana and I would like to share with you some of my experiences of living abroad while I am raising two small kids in the Swedish countryside.

I am originally from Mexico and in 2011 I moved to Umeå. Then after a long while living in the north, my family and I moved south prior to Christmas of 2017. Now, we are living in Harplinge, a small town in the countryside near Halmstad.


I met my Swedish partner dancing Salsa back in Umeå. He is really good, not just dancing Salsa but Bachata as well. Then, life blessed us with two beautiful kids and raising them has been a journey.


In my spare time I like to be with my family, I enjoy taking pictures either of my family or of my surroundings. I am also a nature lover and, when I can, I walk or go for bike rides. This makes my soul being in peace and, besides the marvelous landscape around, gives me inspiration to continue my journey.    


I invite you to share your experience with me 😀



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