1I dunno about you but this winter has been HELL for sickness and dirty nappies…sorry, not a subject most of you want to discuss BUT it’s necessary.

All I keep thinking to myself is, “thank god, we got the diaper bin”. Literally, every single time I put a dirty nappy in the thing, that thought goes through my head.

It was about the time that littlebear started solids and also teething (bowk) that I lost it and couldn’t take the smell in our bathroom (yes, littlebear has her changing room in the bathroom, we’re lucky enough to have a good sized bathroom. I mean who wants to go to the toilet or get changed in their bedroom). You couldn’t even shower without the smell of the nappy bags over powering you.

Best 20 quid I have ever spent. I can guarantee this is going to be the best, too. I’m not even sure why it took us so long to get involved!


If you think you would like one of these, click on the link below and it will take you straight to Amazon where you can purchase one and get a great deal on the refills too!

Or if you are just looking for the cassettes, do what we do and bulk order them with a couple of friends…it’s cheaper and brings down the cost of the shipping.

Happy Parenting Life Changes!!xx