This weekend was truely a well needed break for M and I. 
After a horrid and stressful week of illness, massive work stress and parenting fails (mostly on my part) M’s parents took over parenting for 2 days and a night. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!! We spent time with friends, enjoyed a wine bar and ended up in a little burger joint. It might sound totally boring, unspontaneous and and obvious thing to do but all we wanted was space to talk, listen and without having to factor in someone elses nap-times, eating habbits, diaper changes, just for a few hours.

The best thing about this weekend was the undisturbed for 11hours straight. No baby monitor rustling or hustling in the night, or early morning wake up playdates. 

Of course, we’re both lying in bed now, at a loss what to do next …the freedom is too spontaneous!! 

But props to The Stockholm Wine Bar and Prime Burger for delivering a really calm, but grown up, “date night”. I would totally recommend both, especially the Stockholm Wine Bar and it’s location looking across the Rikstad and Gamla Stan.