The Checklist 

A simple tick list of things to remember to do before and after you move to Sweden.

Before Moving…

  • Contact your local civic authority to let them know you are moving abroad and will no longer be paying local taxes
  •  Contact your national government office of residence and immigration to make them aware of your intentions to move abroad.
  • Contact banks and financial services to make them aware that you are moving abroad.
  • Review their recommendations about movement to Sweden for non-EU nationals.
  • Depending on your circumstances (i.e. work related, moving to someone in Sweden etc), apply for the appropriate permit. This can usually be done online.
  • You can also apply for temporary visas to enter Sweden via Migrationsverket.
  • If you have already moved to Sweden, make an appointment to speak with someone in person, immediately.
  • If you are granted permanent residency (uppehållstillstånd), contact Migrationsverket about receiving your permanent residents card.

After Moving…


Open a bank account

  • Apply for Föräldrapenning (parental leave payments)
  • Apply for Barnbridrag (child allowance)
  • Learn more about Vård av Barn (compensation when caring for a sick child)
  • If needed, apply for Arbetssökande (job seekers allowance)
  • If needed, apply for Sjukpenning (sick leave payments)
  • If required, register as a job seeker
  • If required, register for Arbetssökande (job seekers allowance)
  • Access support if you are thinking about starting a new business
 Vårdcentral (Care centre/Health care)
  • (use this website to answer all of the questions below)
  • Where is my local Vårdcentral (GP)?
  • Where is my local Barnvårdcentral (Health visitor)
  • Where is my local Barnläkare (Paediatrician)
  • Where is my local Tändläkare (Dentist)?
  • Where is my local Akuten (Emergency Room)?