For most of this weekend I’ve been breaking out into sudden dance whenever I think about our latest piece of news from Littlebearabroad HQ. When we first started working on the Littlebearabroad website we wrote a list of influencers, partners and companies that we would like to collaborate with. Finally, it’s happening!!


I’m delighted to announce that we are now one of The Newbie Guide to Sweden’s Recommended Blogs! Our Littlebearabroad community and events will also feature on their Get Connected page. And, lastly but by no means least, I’ll be writing a guest blog for them about all things parental i Sverige. Jättebra!!


And, if you haven’t heard of The Newbie Guide to Sweden…where have you been? The website is a one-stop shop for new arrivals in Sweden. It offers information and advice about how to prepare for your move to Sweden, looking for work in Sweden, housing, healthcare and, most importantly, how to meet and make friends when you arrive.


Littlebearabroad is thrilled with this collaboration.