Dear friends, 

What extraordinary times we are living in. Having followed the advice of regional and national government agencies in Stockholm and Sweden, in relation to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the LBA team have made the decision to remain open until we receive further notification. 

At this time (Thurs 12th March) the Swedish government has recommended that any space or event with capacity for more than 500 people should close. The Littlebearabroad Studio has a maximum capacity of 90. 

We have not received any recommendations from regional or national agencies to close and nor have any schools or förskola. Of course, if this changes, we will act immediately. 

During this time exercising caution, good hygiene and sensible precautions such as self isolation if you feel ill is recommended. 

If we may be frank, this has been an incredibly difficult decision to make. On the one hand we certainly don’t want to risk anyone’s health, but, on the other, the very reason LBA exists is to support, cultivate and create a sense of community for those who often feel left on the edges of society, looking in. We’re relying on you, the very sensible and grown up individuals you are to make the call for yourself.

Playgroup and all classes and courses will be running as usual.

If anyone has any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get back in touch. Please take care of one another.

Thank you so much, take care of each other.
Best wishes
Jill and the LBA team. xx