On the 5th April we officially launched the IPI Project Stockholm. An initiative whose sole purpose is to establish a “one stop shop” physical centre of integration services specifically tailored for international families in central Stockholm. The association is born out of the Högalids Hedgehogs international play group and a collaboration with Littlebearabroad.com – Stockholm for Kids.


The IPI Project’s mission is to give international families a starting point when they move to Stockholm. We also want to challenge the pre-existing integration process and to focus more on family and community based integration, not just job-related integration. The IPI Project have identified 3 key areas that we will work alongside strategic partners to fulfill.


  • Integration
  • Autonomy
  • Socialisation


I’m delighted to say that we’ve already started taking membership sign ups and we’re ploughing our way through the first phase of the project towards getting 100+ members signed up. Parallel to that, we’re working on our message and how to reach as many of the international parents living in Stockholm as possible. This is not just an initiative for people with kids under 5. Our vision is for the initiative to evolve with families and through their integration process. Moving from the needs of a newly arrived family, settling in, a stay-at-home parent on parental leave to a parent starting to look for work or getting their foot on the professional networking ladder.


So, the membership roll is up, the numbers are growing and we’re now responsible for putting the money where our mouths are. There is absolutely no pressure, whatsoever. If you’d like to know more, please do head to the initiatives website, IPI Project Stockholm. If you’d like to become a member, you can click the link there.