We couldn’t record a podcast episode this week and not talk about the US presidential election, Trump supporters (we’re looking at you, Women For Trump), what state he’s leaving the country in and, most importantly, the US’s first female, Black, South Asian Vice President #teamkamala!

On a lighter note, we were both amused and disturbed by the 40th birthday gift that Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian: a hologram of her dead father, Robert Kardashian. However, we were pleased to learn that Mr Kardashian is so very keen on his son-in-law. #mostmostmostmostmostmostgenius

And to end, we discussed a situation that we think a lot of people have tragically found themselves in this year: being unable to attend the funeral of a loved one. Thankfully, we both have that dark, British sense of humour, and so we even managed to squeeze a laugh out of this #kanyeshologramservice.

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