I found my first Winter in Stockholm nightmarish… I was totally unprepared for how dark and relentless it was. The only thing I could do was get out. So, I started walking with the stroller. It helped that S was happy to snooze and nap whilst in her pram. You must think I am CRAZY to suggest stroller walks in Stockholm at this time of year. Getting out and about at this time of year is the best way to beat the Winter blues. There are fewer hours of daylight and the  cold weather just makes you want to hole up in a ball with a big blanket. But, catching those few hours of sun, doing some excercise and enjoying Stockholm in it’s winter months is how to make the most of these next few months. After all, “what good is the warmth of Summer, without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness.”

Below are 4 different walks that I did whilst I was a “buggy bandit” last Winter. They are all slightly different and offer new perspectives on the City. All of them take place near water. I have a deep love for the Stockholm water-ways and that really brightened my days during last Winter. I hope it does for you, too.

Walk #1

Gamla Stan – Ridderholmen – Norr Mälastrand – Rålambhovsparken – Långholmen – Södra Mälarstrand – Slussen


Start: T-bana Gamla Stan

Finish: T-bana Slussen

Length: 7km

Time: 1-2 hours

This walk shows off Stockholm’s diverse architecture, natural beauty and landscape. From the historic Old Town to the green spaces of Rålambshov and Långholmen.


Walk #2

St Eriksgatan – Karlberg Slott – Kungsholmen beach – Stadshuset – Norr Mälarstrand – Rådhuset


Start: T-bana St Eriksgatan

Finish: T-bana Rådhuset

Length: 6.5 km

Time: 2 hours

The walk along the Mälaren, past Karlberg Castle and through City Hall is a stunning example of Stockholm’s architecture and waterways.


Walk #3

Färgfabriken – Trekantsparken – Vinterviken Trädgård – Aspuddsparken – Aspudden


Start: Trekanten

Finish: T-bana Aspudden

Length: 7km

Time: 2 hours

A wilderness walk in the heart of the city. Along the walk, cosy up in 1 of 3 great fika spots 1) Färgfabriken 2) Winterviken 3) Vinterviken Trädgården.


Walk #4

Kungsträdgården – Skeppsholmsbron – Moderna Museet – Skeppsholmen  – Kungsträdgården – Strömbron – Gamla Stan


Start: T-bana Kungsträdgården

Finish: T-bana Gamla stan

Length: 6km

Time: 1.5 hours

A walk via water ways and quays that includes opportunities to for cultural insight and fika stops. Museums included in this walk are Moderna Museet, Östasiatiska and Arkitekturmuseet.


Organised Walks

Another great way to get out and about with a stroller is to join an organised walk. There are several organised walking tours in Stockholm. Some of them are more suitable than others for strollers. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Ira Stromberg via her Facebook group Weekday Guided Walks in Stockholm. Ira is a brilliant, accredited tour guide who guides for Stockholm Stadshuset and Astrid Lindgren’s Home. In her spare time she arranges guided tours for buggies and strollers throughout Stockholm.

Ira speaks English, Russian, Swedish and Hebrew. She is the owner of Tom Björn – handmade teething jewellery – and has just become an official blogger for ViewStockholm.com.

Check out her blog and her Facebook group for more details on when the next stroller walks start.