Stockholms Spelmuseum is an interesting little museum. It opened not long ago and continues to gain notoriety. We visited it on a Sunday afternoon to find it quietly busy with a trickle of visitors. It’s quite out of the way and in the basement of a residential block in Norrmalm, just off Odengatan.


Firstly, if you aren’t a heady gamer or totally commited to the history of gaming culture, this place will be lost on you. I am possibly the only person born in the 80’s to never have played a computer game, therefore I know nothing about it. Of course, I have some knowledge of famous gaming icons and I’ve become aware of important gaming mega-stars through cultural osmosis. But, that was about it. I know nothing else. SO, for me the Spelmuseum was a bit of a “meh” experience. But, that’s not to say that if you were heavily into gaming you’d love it! They’re are great examples of vintage machines, consoles, and arcade style games. Plus, loads of memorabilia!


We’d recommend that the museum is for kids who are 5+ and who have some sort of interest in computing or gaming. Otherwise, the entrance fee is a bit of a waste.