Acclimatising to a new culture and country can be brought into sharp focus when it comes to parenting and the do’s and don’ts of play ground ettiquette. Trying to make new friends in the play park with your children in Sweden might prove to be a lot harder than at home. Swedes are traditionally quite insular people who are not for socialising with strangers. When you get to know them through mutual friends, that all changes! Before you know it you’ll be in the sauna, naked, drinking beer (no joke).

But starting out is TOUGH. So, we’ve set up a new Facebook group called Stockholm play date group. It’s a closed, private group that is moderated in which international parents can reach out to other parents in their local area to set up play dates. Initially you may want to just get to know the other parents “digitally” but before you know it you’ll be meeting new friends and families.