There are tonnes of things for this age group to get their teeth into and it has been really difficult to sort through all the brilliant activities out there but here are some of the best, so far!

  1. Andy’s Lekland in Bromma is the newest and shiniest of the Leklands and boasts a whopping 5500kvm of space! If you are either brave enough, or desperate enough, to check it out on Sportlov, it is not to miss.
  2. The Dansmuseet – Sportlov week is hosting a series of classes and courses for different ages. Hiphop, Indian, Afrikaans are all included in the courses on offer.
  3. Junibacken’s kids rhythm continues throughout Sportlov, as well as their newest exhibition about the lovable Mumins.
  4. Stockholm’s Activitetscentre in Kungsholmen is doing taster sessions of Children’s Yoga and Children’s Dance, timings and dates are varying so make sure you check before you go! They are also offering Mummy training taster sessions too.
  5. Tekniska Museet – Megalov. Their Megamind exhibition is running a special Sportlov programme this week with one off demonstrations and seminars. Perfect for ages 3+

Many of the museums and science centres I mentioned in the previous Sportlov post are also offering brilliant programmes throughout this week. Nordiska Museet has even put together an indoor Ice Rink!