Hello. How’s it going? Long time, no type on this little sliver of the interweb. Life’s current circumstances have left me feeling less than creative recently. Sucked dry, for want of a better descriptive analogy.

I am quite certain that there are many of you out there feeling exactly the same. So much of our energy has been spent on processing information, coping with new emotional highs and lows, managing a new way of home-life. And, on top of it, forced to be creative in new ways to ensure our work and/or businesses stay afloat.

As one business acquaintance said, ‘I’m back on the hussle and it’s killing me.’

So, I plan on making this little spot of the world wide web a little light hearted step away from the day to day grind. We could all do with a bit more puff in our pieces. Apparently I’m good at that, or so my ex-publisher told me.

I love a list – here are a list of the things floating around in my head this week:

  • What happens when you shower – does COVID-19 just wash all over you? How does a face-mask protect you from that?
  • Does Jennifer Aniston always carry a water bottle with her and if I do that will I look like Jennifer Aniston when I’m 50?
  • Am I actually gluten intolerant? Again.
  • I’ve accepted that I will be covered in cat hair for the rest of my life – fine with it.
  • Some people really do need to step away from the motivational speaking.
  • I’m not angry ALL THE TIME. You just can’t deal with other people calling out injustices #tonepolicing.
  • An article entitled “it’s ok if you and your partner are not having sex during quarantine” made me snort tea out my nostrils. Thanks for that validation…
  • I’m utterly jealous of people who have properly decorated and grown up looking houses… with pictures on walls and everything. I still feel like I’m living in a student squat.

A list of things I never thought I would say because there were too stereotypical, but they actually came out of my mouth this week:

  • Thanks sweetheart, where is the other API WIDGET and should I add CSS to this page… (seriously, who am I)
  • Oh, that was a big poo, we’ll need a bigger bag for that.
  • Pants on at the dinner table, that’s a house rule.
  • You do not need the iPad to go to the toilet.
  • Oh well, everyone pees themselves now and again…