S3 - Episode 4: 'the Swede-ish Gathering'.
with rachel khoo

KHOO d’etat… (I’m so sure she hasn’t heard that one before) we got RACHEL KHOO ON THE PODCAST!! ’nuff said.

So excited to be welcoming THE Rachel Khoo to our little podcast. The amazing TV Foodie talked to Jill about her experience of cultural paradigms and how food and bringing people together has always paved the way for her to feel more at home in exotic settings.

A total pleasure to chat with and a brilliantly unique way of tackling the paradox of being stuck between two cultures.

You can purchase Rachel’s latest culinary curation, ‘The Little Swedish Kitchen’ at any decent book shop and online book store. Also look out for The Little Swedish Kitchen show soon on Godare.se Network.

Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelkhooks.


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