Trigger Warning: In the episode we’ll be discussing topics which some listeners may find difficult; issues such as disability rights, abuse, discrimination, segregation in education, disabled women in #metoo movement, controversial interventions and therapies. We’ll be using person-centred and identity first language.

Tracey is a paediatric massage therapist for special health care needs, Global Ambassador for Liddle Kidz Foundation, founder of Girl Gone International Stockholm and Founder of not-for profit foundation Little Echoes, an organisation that supports and campaigns for families with special needs in Sweden.

Tracey’s tenacity and determination to carry out the mission of Little Echoes comes from a deeply personal place following the challenges she and her family have faced in Sweden.
Tracey’s experience of life in Sweden is very different from most. It hasn’t been a bed of roses and the egalitarian dream that some might expect. And, it shines a light on an issue that is little talked about and deeply unsettling.

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