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S2 Episode 4 - nicole 'stikki nikki' Emson

Nicole ‘Stikki Nikki’ Emson built her business of organic gelato with a baby on her hip and a waffle cone box. Now Stikki Nikki is a household name in Stockholm with 8 stores and counting. Foreign born female entrepreneurship, defined.

Can we just take a moment to fan-girl? I am so chuffed to have been able to interview Nikki, as a female immigrant and amazing entrepreneur. Nicole started her business, Stikki Nikki Organic Gelato, 8 years ago with a little kiosk next to the water in Stockholm. The business is now 8 sites and counting, with one of the strongest brand concepts going.


So, how did it all start? Where did the idea come from? How did it evolve and what are Nikki’s hopes for the future? Plus, listen out for an AMAZING EXCLUSIVE TO LITTLEBEARABROAD, which won’t be released for another 6 months on Social Media.

Last day of the season is 30th September! But,  you can get your hands on Christmas flavours for a couple of weeks


Feature image of Nikki by: Daniel Lagerborn




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