There is nothing quite as beautiful as a bubble bath, a glass of wine and 90 minutes of undisturbed Netflix time…and I’m not talking Netflix’n’chill 90 minutes either. 

Before Stella was born I could take or leave the bubble bath, but ever since my wonderful Mum handed me a bottle of Badedas Essence Bath Gelee and a bath pillow, postpartum, I’ve been addicted to those bubbles. 

It could be the quiet, the “alone” time, or the break from having to “listen out” for the baby monitor or waking baby, I just can’t get enough. Perhaps, it’s the mini parenting-break, not having to “parent” for 90 minutes. 

Rituals Tao Wu Wei is currently my favourite bath foam. Its gently scented and perfect for a new mum or soon-to-be mum. 

Rituals Tao Wu Wai